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Susan Church Nutrition Consultant

Susan Church is a freelance Registered Public Health Nutritionist with expertise in nutrient analysis, food composition and dietary assessment.  She is a co-author of the renowned McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods, often referred to as the nutritionist’s bible. Susan provides a nutrition consultancy service specialising in nutritional analysis of recipes, menus and diets and offering training in these areas.  She is based in Surrey.

Recipe Analysis Courses

Susan runs the established Recipe Analysis: Maximising Accuracy course on behalf of Nutrition and Wellbeing Ltd.

Next recipe analysis courses:  Friday 21st April 2017 and Tuesday 25th April 2017 in London. Owing to exceptional demand we have added a further date, Friday 28th April. Details of our training courses can be found here. 

Nutrition Consultant
Nutritional Advisor
Nutrition Training

Expert Nutritionist

An expert in food composition, with over 20 years experience, Susan provides a nutrition consultancy service specialising in nutritional analysis of recipes, menus and diets, and also offering training and advice in these areas to businesses and professionals.

Recipe Analysis

Susan can provide a nutritional breakdown of recipes for use in PR, publications, and on websites.  In addition, she can provide impartial advice and recipe analysis for food manufacturers and caterers.  Susan’s focus when analysing recipes is on accuracy and best practice, supported by detailed documentation.

Dietary Assessment

Susan also has expertise in dietary assessment and provides a service analysing food diaries using nutritional analysis software. Nutrient intakes can be compared against Dietary Reference Values for different population groups.

Nutrition Training

Susan provides training to both professionals and students in food composition, including data production, uses and limitations, and also in recipe analysis.

“A knowledge of the chemical composition of foods is the first essential in the dietary treatment of disease or in any quantitative study of human nutrition”
McCance & Widdowson, 1940