Recipe Analysis: Maximising Accuracy is usually held twice a year in April and September, in London. A virtual version of the course is now available and is held regularly, according to demand. To be kept informed of future dates, or to enquire about bespoke training for businesses, please contact Susan .

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As well as providing lots of information on legislation, food composition data, steps in recipe calculation, and comparisons with chemical analysis, the course is highly practical and interactive, with time for questions and discussion.  We prepare a recipe, recording detailed information along the way, to help in understanding the factors that need to be taken into account during recipe calculation.  Practical nutrition calculation exercises are also completed, including for the recipe that was prepared.  Indeed, some attendees have commented that a day is not long enough!

The content is the same for both versions of the course.  Feedback on the virtual course so far has been positive, but please do consider the following before committing to attend virtual training:

  • It is more difficult to provide networking opportunities, which is an aspect that many delegates at the face-to-face courses particularly value.  The virtual course does make use of breakout rooms to facilitate collaborative working and networking;
  • Although discussion is encouraged and the group size is small, it can be more difficult to engage with everyone;
  • It is more difficult to provide support to attendees who are less experienced in the use of software.  In these cases, face-to-face training might be preferable, but if this is not an option, then scheduling time before the course for familiarisation with the software is recommended.  (Suitable resources are provided in pre-course information and a short one-to-one follow up session after the course is also available.)
  • This is not a webinar – it is highly practical and interactive – and is a full day commitment;
  • Attendees will need to buy ingredients for the food preparation exercise, have access to cooking facilities, and download/access specific software (free) if this is not already being used.

The course is primarily intended for nutrition professionals, but other professionals who need to undertake recipe analysis (e.g. development chefs, specifications technologists) also attend. Dietetic support workers and dietetic assistant practitioners are welcome to attend as are students with appropriate experience. Please Contact Susan to discuss whether the course meets your training needs.  Bespoke training sessions are also available.

Just need a refresher and can’t spare a full day? Need training or advice on a specific aspect of recipe analysis? Can’t make the course dates? Need training for a group? Bespoke, shorter and flexible training sessions are available – please Contact Susan to discuss your training needs.

The course content covers the principles of recipe analysis and is not software-specific; attendees use a range of commercial and in-house software in their roles.  The nutrition calculation exercise in the afternoon session does use software and includes tips on the functionality and use of software.  Mostly the software used on the course is Nutritics but Dietplan is sometimes used for the face-to-face courses.

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