Food Manufacturing Industry

Food Manufacturing Industry

Food Manufacturing Nutrition Advice

Most food manufacturers already provide nutrition information on their products on a voluntary basis.  These nutrient values can be produced using one of three accepted methods: manufacturers’ analysis of food; a calculation from the actual average values of the ingredients used in the preparation of the food; or a calculation from generally established and accepted data.

New EU labelling regulations changed the content and format of this information from December 2014. Companies who currently provide on-pack nutrient declarations should now ensure that their labels are compliant with the new regulations.

In addition, from December 2016, nutrition labelling will become mandatory for the majority of pre-packed foods.  This change will particularly affect small businesses who have not previously been required to provide nutrient data.

Susan can provide the following services to both small food businesses and larger companies:

  • impartial advice on nutrition labelling requirements and the most appropriate and cost-effective means for a company to produce this information (e.g. chemical analysis, recipe calculation, or a combination of both);
  • analysis of current recipes and products, using nutritional analysis software;
  • detailed documentation on data sources and assumptions;
  • nutrient content complying with food labelling regulations, per 100g, per portion and as a percentage of Reference Intakes;
  • front of pack nutrition information;
  • suggestions on how recipes and formulations could be amended to meet specified nutrition criteria
  • where appropriate, training your staff to undertake these analyses and providing ongoing support and advice.