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Foodservice Industry

Foodservice Industry

Food ServiceMany large restaurant chains now provide information on the calorie content of menu choices, in response to the Government’s Responsibility Deal.  In some cases, a more detailed nutrition profile is provided on their websites.  As consumers become accustomed to having access to this information, they are likely to ask for it in a wider range of catering outlets.

Providing customers with calorie and nutrient information together with healthier menu options can help to promote your business.  However, it can also be an unwelcome burden on busy kitchen personnel and smaller businesses may feel that they lack both the resources and the knowledge to produce calorie and nutrient information on their menu items.  Support from an independent registered nutritionist or dietitian can be a cost-effective approach and, additionally, gives businesses confidence in the accuracy and quality of the information that is being provided to customers.

Susan can provide the following services to catering outlets, including cafés, restaurants and takeaway outlets:

  • impartial advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective means for a company to produce calorie and nutrient information on menu items (e.g. chemical analysis, information from suppliers, recipe calculation, or a combination of these);
  • analysis of current recipes and products, using nutritional analysis software;
  • choice of calories only or fuller nutritional profile indicating ‘traffic light’ information where relevant;
  • detailed documentation on data sources and assumptions;
  • suggestions on how recipes could be amended to improve their nutrition profile;
  • flagging of healthier options on menus;
  • where appropriate, training your staff to undertake these analyses and providing ongoing support and advice.