PR, Publications and Websites

PR, Publications and Websites

Grilled salmonIncreasingly, nutritional breakdown of recipes is being provided in mainstream publications, e.g. women’s magazines, food and cookery magazines, cookery books, as well as on websites and in PR material.  Individuals who are already trying to limit their intake of energy, fat or salt find this information particularly useful.  In addition, it can help all consumers to make informed choices when planning menus, whether for special occasions or everyday meals.

Susan can provide the following services:

  • analysis of current recipes and products, using nutritional analysis software;
  • choice of nutrients to be included in the profile, including ‘traffic light’ information;
  • detailed documentation on data sources and assumptions;
  • suggestions on how recipes could be amended to improve their nutrition profile.

Susan can provide information on the nutritional content of recipes in a format that is tailored to suit the intended audience.

For example, mothers looking at recipes on a website aimed at those with young families might like to see the contribution that a recipe makes to the nutrient requirements of a young child.  In this case, Susan could also advise whether the recipes were nutritionally balanced, highlight the benefits of recipe dishes (e.g. good source of iron), and, where appropriate, suggest how recipes could be adjusted to increase the content of important nutrients.

In contrast, attendees at a cookery class on healthy eating might find a ‘traffic light’ approach helpful.  Again, Susan could highlight how recipes meet healthy eating guidelines and suggest any adjustments that might be made to improve the nutrition profile.