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Susan runs the established Recipe Analysis: Maximising Accuracy training course on behalf of Nutrition and Wellbeing Ltd.

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Forthcoming Courses:

Friday 26th April, 2024

Friday 18th October, 2024

Bespoke training for businesses and groups of professional nutritionists and dietitians or food service personnel can also be arranged, as can one-to-one coaching sessions.In addition Susan also provides ad hoc informal advice on recipe analysis. Please Contact Susan for further information.

Calculating the nutrient content of recipes is an essential skill for dietitians and nutritionists as well as other professionals working in a range of settings, including clinical, education, health and social care, food manufacturing and food service. The Recipe Analysis: Maximising Accuracy course offers practical and educational sessions designed to update and enhance the knowledge and skills of food and nutrition professionals in recipe analysis. In particular, it is designed to provide a learning opportunity for professionals to understand how they can identify and minimise known errors in nutritional analysis.

This enjoyable and informative one-day course is usually held twice a year, in April and September, using the excellent facilities at King’s College London.  The cost per delegate is £195.  A virtual version is also available at a cost of £175 per delegate. The course, which has been endorsed for CPD by the Association for Nutrition and approved for CPD by the British Dietetic Association, includes:

  • An overview of food labelling legislation, including the legally accepted methods for providing information for nutritional labelling;
  • A discussion of the uses and limitations of food composition data;
  • A food preparation exercise, looking at changes that occur during preparation and cooking and how they affect recipe analysis;
  • A step-by-step guide to recipe analysis;
  • A practical nutrient calculation exercise, using nutritional analysis software;
  • A comparison of chemical analysis and recipe analysis.

For further information about recipe analysis training please see the FAQs.

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