Susan provides a nutrition consultancy service specialising in nutritional analysis of recipes, menus and diets and offering training in these areas.

Nutritional analysis of recipes:

Susan can provide a nutritional breakdown of recipes for use in PR, publications, and on websites.  In addition, she can provide impartial advice and recipe analysis for food manufacturers and caterers.  Susan’s focus when analysing recipes is on accuracy and best practice, supported by detailed documentation.

PR, Publications, Websites

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Food Manufacturing Industry

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Foodservice Industry

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Additional Services


Susan provides training in the following areas to both professionals and students:

  • Food composition, including how food composition data is produced, data sources, and the uses and limitations of food composition data;
  • Recipe analysis, in conjunction with Nutrition and Wellbeing: practical and educational sessions that support Dietitians and Nutritionists to learn how to analyse recipes accurately.

Dietary Assessment

Susan also has expertise in dietary assessment and provides a service analysing food diaries using nutritional analysis software.  Nutrient intakes can be compared against Dietary Reference Values for different population groups.